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Trade In or Exchange Your Rugs
Are you bored with your existing rug since you have had it for a long time? Are you
looking for a change in the interior design of your home? Are you and your pets
tired of walking on the same carpet year after year? You can exchange your old,
stinky rugs and replace them with our new and fresh looking Persian or Oriental
rugs. We will make room for your new rug by taking your rug.

To find out how easy this rug exchange is, just send us an e-mail, fax or call us at
(310) 770-9085. Or if you don't have room for a new rug, we will offer $$$ CASH
for your Persian or Oriental carpets.

Contact us now because tomorrow maybe too late!

You don't always need to buy a rug in order to live your fantasy!
Need a rug for only a short period of time like an event or ceremony? You can lease
or rent rugs from in no time. For further information and details, talk to
our rug experts:
(310) 770-9085.