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Small size (5'x8' and smaller)
Room size(5'x8' to 9'x8')
Big size (9'x8' and larger)
Rug No. 11503
288 x 249 cm
9' 5" x 8' 2"
Price: $8,225
Rug No. 11502
346 x 250 cm
11' 4" x 8' 2"
Price: $9,775
Qashqai Collection: big size (9' x 8' and larger)
One of our main lines of productions is Qashqai Collection made by the Qashqai
Tribe with very fine hand-spun wool and vegetable dye in Southern province of Fars
around the famous city of Shiraz. This collection is an improved version of
( Persian Gabbeh ) with much finer weave and higher quality of wool and dye.

In this collection, we present three categories of designs:

Transitional (which falls between the two)

Many of the designs are unique. Usually, we do not make many pieces from one
design to maintain the exclusivity of each piece.

The knot density is roughly 150-225 KPSI (Knot Per Square Inch) or 2500-3600 per
10 cm2.

With each piece, you can decorate your home, office or any other places with art,
culture and beauty. The pictures shown on our website, are only some samples of
what our
talented and patient weavers produce.

We have been a true supporter of the return to traditions and using natural dyes and
hand spun wool. Our carpets are woven by our village and tribal weavers in their
home while their children are in school. We have bridged the traditions and trends by
uncovering the past.