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The 25th Atlanta Area Rug Show was held from Jan. 19 to 22, 2006 in Atlanta City in
Georgia, USA. 130 permanent and almost 60 exhibitors presented their latest
production lines and acquisitions to the importers, and retailers who visited the
show. The total number of the exhibitors reached its highest in the last five years.

Among many events, three special cultural and artistic events are noteworthy. The
Museum of Introductions, MOI, presented many unique rugs, old and new from
around the world. These rugs had different designs, color palettes, and price
ranges under one roof in the building one, fourth floor. The rugs were categorized
based on price points. Each buyer who visited the MOI could cast one vote on one
of the carpets on display.

The second interesting event was the Armenian Odyssey, an exhibition of antique
and new Armenian rugs. The exhibition opened its door at 4:00 PM, Jan. 19th, 2006
with a grand opening reception with Armenian and American dignitaries,  few of
whom delivered short speeches. This event was held on the second floor, opposite
to the halls, in which the temporary stands were set up. This was a fun and fine

The America's Magnificent Awards which was held on Sat. January 21st at the
Marriott Marquis Ballroom was another market major attraction. The slogan for this
event was the "Grand Mysterium" which was a celebration of the Area Rug Industry's
most distinguished designs.

Each year the world's most innovative and fashion forward rugs are awarded the
America's Magnificent Carpets Awards, presented by AmericasMart® Atlanta and
the Oriental Rug Importers Association. Awards are in both handmade and
machine-made constructions, and only exhibitors at the Atlanta International Area
Rug Market may submit their rugs for consideration. Official winners are chosen by
a panel of expert retailers and interior designers; the "People's Choice" award is
always a favorite with the crowd and is the only award voted on by retailers.

Regarding the Atlanta Rug show as a whole and how it did in January 2006, like in
any other show, there were those who sold and those who didn't. But I saw the
demand for good rugs and those items which were carefully selected and introduced
properly. Some of my friends in the permanent as well as in the temporary sections
were too busy that I could not stop by, to say hello to them.
Atlanta Rug Show, January 2006