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Persian and Oriental Rug Buying Tips and Guide Lines by Dr.
Khosrow Sobhe

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Iran International Magazine - Dr. Khosrow Sobhe

The Second Grand Persian Carpet Exhibition and Conference

Varni Kilims of Ardabil Province, Iran

Sarouk Rugs and American Sarouk

Textile Museum Associates of Southern California's Latest Meeting

Tabriz  Rug, Master Weaver Abbas Alabaf Passed Away

Oriental Rugs, Now and Then

Persian Yazd Rugs

Qashqai's and Persian Qashqai Rugs

Gabbeh and Persian Gabbeh Rugs

Persian Nain Rugs

Rug Care: The Ten Commandments of Rug Care and Maintenance

Standard American Sizes for Carpets and Runners

Ardabil Carpet

The Road to Persia

Rugs and Other  Textile Floor  Coverings  Imports  to U.S.A.

Zari Fabrics: Handmade Persian Textile

If you love your carpet, it will love you back

Facts About the Carpet Industry in the U.S.
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