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Hawthorne School Award Assembly
On June 15th, 06, the Award Assembly was held in the school auditorium at 8:00
am. Different teachers gave their awards and achievement certificates to the
graduating students who had performed well in their classes and had done
outstanding jobs. Parents of these students and many members of the Graduation
Committee were present at the ceremony. It started by a short speech of the school
Principal Dr. Nancy Lynch and followed by a few words of Mr. Alex Cherniss, the
current assistant principal who will assume his rule as the new school principal in
Fall 2006.

We took few pictures to share these fine moments of joy, pride and love with our
Hawthorne School families, faculty members and the principals.
On June 15th, 06, the Graduation Ceremony was held in the Beverly Hills School
Auditorium at 6:00 pm. The auditorium was full of the families and friends of the
graduating students who attended the event. Each student could invite a maximum
number of ten guests. The Ceremony started on time by a short speech of Hawthorne
School smiley principal Dr. Nancy Lynch who will leave the school and will move up to
take an important responsibility in the Beverly Hills Unified School District. She will be in
charge of curriculum planning as of this coming Fall.

Allen Khakshooy, the student president then gave his speech followed by other parts
of the ceremony. Songs, music, choral performance accompanied by Hawthorne
orchestra made the event a memorable one for those who participated. The graduation
certificates were then presented to the students by Dr. Nancy Lynch and Mr. Alex
Cherniss accompanied by Dr. Demeter, a Board member  from the BHUSD in a well
and organized manner. After the ceremony was over, students, their guests and
teachers went to the front court yard and took many pictures to save and share these
beautiful moments. Mr. Bailey had done an outstanding job in planning the event and
practicing all the details with the students over and over. This is the perfect time to
thank him.

At 8:00 pm, students took the Beverly Hills Trolley rides to the Graduation Party.
Parents were not invited to the party.!!
The Graduation Ceremony
The Graduation Party
The Graduation Party began at 8:15 pm (June 15, 06) at five-star luxury Beverly
Hills Hotel on Sunset Blvd and Rodeo Drive. Only few Graduation Committee
members were there from the beginning to the end, while other members of the
committee paid shorter visits to make  sure that everything went as planned. "DJ
Marvelous" and his assistant did an outstanding job in playing the type of music our
young and energetic students loved. We had two security guards of our own to
monitor the event and to make sure that we had a safe party for our lovely kids who
danced, and took many memorable pictures by our expert photographer who placed
the photos on a frame and gave them to the students who wanted the pictures.

The food and the desert were outstanding. Few people from the school also
attended some parts of the party. Among them we can name Dr. Nancy Lynch, Mr.
Alex Cherniss, Mr. Bob Bailey, Mr. Hirsch and officer Shannon.

The decoration of the room was fantastically done by experts under the supervision
of two Graduation Committee members. Gray, our professional video man said this
was the best graduation party he ever attended. Before the party was over,
students had the chance to see parts of the films he had taken up to the party. In
about six weeks, a DVD containing around one hour of memorable moments from
the baseball game, the graduation ceremony and the graduation party will be mailed
to the families. At 11:30 pm, many parents joined their kids for the "Last Dance"
section of the event and danced with their suns and daughters up to 12:00 midnight.

The planning and execution of the whole event from the beginning to the end was a
job which started many months ago when our Graduation Committee was formed.
Elizabeth Chait, the humble chair of the Committee spent many hours coordinating
all the details with the members who worked with love and passion. Nothing could
hide from her sharp eyes and from her notes. How did you like the Yearbook which
was done by one of the Committee members after days and nights of hard work?
The PTA cooperated tirelessly and so did the school, its faculty members and the
administrators. We thank them all with much appreciation.

Elizabeth Chait, has e-mailed all the members of the Committee a recap one day
after the graduation ceremony and party took place. Let us take a minute to read
this short review which follows:

" Dear Elisa, Lisette, Darlene, Ariella, Linda, Jackie, Janice, Wendy, Khosrow, Ziba
and Susan,

We did it, friends!!! We organized a wonderfully fun, festive and delicious party for
our kids. As Zoe said, “It was the best party EVER!”  But the party was the wonderful
icing (which Lisette and Wendy tirelessly organized) on the cake we had been
baking all year long. Jackie’s yearbook (she just makes it look so easy!) and Lisette’
s video and pictures will be a life long treasure of memories. Linda’s hotel choice
and negotiations (amongst tens of other diligently accomplished tasks) is starting a
new Hawthorne tradition. Darlene’s meticulous book keeping was priceless and
conducted without complaint. Susan’s 2006 t-shirt design was one of the best and
as were the painstaking yearbook baby picture pages. Janice & Lou will be
remembered for providing Yosemite snacks, purchasing the grad bags and for
creating the most efficient gown collection system known to man. Ziba, Susan and
Elisa were the heroes of the baseball game because they provided necessities such
as water, lemonade, pizza and let’s not forget dip and dots. Khosrow, the committee’
s photographer and mailing expert, explored and finalized the graduation class of
2006 school gift of a plasma TV for the teacher lounge. Ariella created a power
point presentation of the time-line and surveyed the teachers to determine the best
gift to bestow upon our teachers. Liz was there when we needed the man power to
put together 115 gift bags. Carmella found the perfect paper for the diploma covers.

I could go on and on listing all the things we accomplished to insure all of Hawthorne’
s 2006 graduates had a memorable last year. It’s been a pleasure and honor
working with you. I thank you for “pulling your weight” as a volunteer so nobody was
overly taxed. I wish you a wonderful summer and look forward to seeing you at the
high school.

With infinite gratitude and immense respect,


Isn't this wonderful?!!

This is it for now. Students, we are proud of you. You are the great leaders of
tomorrow to lead the world to love, prosperity and peace.

Khosrow Sobhe
The only father on the Committee (other fathers were busy!)

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