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FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)
1. Why should I buy rugs from you?
A. Please take a look at this link which is an
exclusive documentary movie produced by us
(Sobhe Family) showing how our rugs are made
from A-Z. Please
click here.

B. Because of the following simple facts:
We come from Iran, the home land of handmade
Persian rugs, where we have our production
facilities and our Qashqai and Afshar  weavers. We
have traveled extensively to different countries
around world, in which we have many satisfied
customers. We reside and have a showroom in
southern California in Los Angeles. All these mean
that we know our field and we are professionals and
are ready to serve our customers.

We are backed with more than fifty years of
experience. Therefore, we know how to treat our

We are first hand producer and importer of Persian
carpets. We do not buy from other exporters,
importers, or dealers. This means lower prices.

We provide personalized customer care and
services. We believe in human touch. No computer
or automated response.
2. What is your return policy?
A. We are not looking for one-time customer.
Each customer means so much to us.
Therefore, we have a 14-day
money back return
policy on ALL of our handmade rugs. Our items
should be returned in a good condition, without dirt,
dust or any damage. Please contact us before
returning any item.
Click Here!
3. How much do you charge for
shipping and handling?
There is no such charges in the U. S., except
for Alaska and Hawaii. You will benefit from our
free shipping plan
that we have on most of our
rugs. We also ship world wide. Contact us for more
4. Haw can we pay for the rugs we
We accept all major credit cards such as Visa,
Master Card, American Express, and Discover.
We also accept money order, cashier's check,
and personal checks. If you pay with personal
check, you should allow ten business days for
the check to be cashed.
Paypal would be a very
convenient and safe way of payment as well.
5. How old are your rugs?
Most of our rugs and flat weaves are new and are
imported directly from the country of origin, Iran.
6. How can we learn more about
Persian or handmade rugs?
You may visit our literature section, in which you
may find tons of information on all aspects of rugs.
In our Qashqai, Gabbeh, Varamin, and Afshar flat
weave collections, you will find facts about Persian
7. Do you only provide handmade
No. We provide all types of floor covering, including
tile, hardwood, carpets, laminate, window covering
and many more services as well as rug cleaning and
repair. Ask for our free estimate.